Princes of Main is a sketch group.

Jamie, Alex and Ben started performing together at university, where they each discovered themselves in a stirring montage.

But those simple times ended one summer day, when our heroes tragically graduated.

They migrated to London, England's unofficial capital and a terrific place to raise kids.

In 2015, they took their self-titled debut to the Edinburgh Fringe. Performing at the Pleasance Courtyard, TimeOut described their hour as "intricately written" and  Steve Bennett from Chortle said “Apologies but I never made it to the show, because the previous one overran”. 

In 2016, they performed their second Fringe show, 'Princes of Main: Cool', at Edinburgh and in London's Museum of Comedy.  Broadway Baby said it was 'utter genius'. Steve Bennett still didn't make it.

Their Edinburgh Fringe show for 2017 is called 'Princes of Main: New Year's Eve'. The boys will be performing it every night between the August 2nd and  27th at The Bedlam Theatre, at 9.30pm.

Today, they can be found gigging most nights and otherwise living out their lives in a sort of restless peace.